At Dane Arts Mural Arts artists work with at risk youth, communities and schools to beautify our neighborhoods.  The work of creating a mural takes a combination of human effort and the proper tools to do the job.  Sometimes we take our tools for granted.  After years of use in the hands of both artists and the newly initiated the brushes we use become too hard or too bristly, too wild to paint a straight line.  We trim the bristles, soak the brushes, and bring in our tools from home to get the job done.  Our priorities lie in interacting with the community, we can make do with an old tool that’s been given a trim.  But, oh the joy of a new brush!

We would like to thank Artist and Craftsman Supply in Madison, WI for the generous donation of a bucketful of beautiful new brushes.  These tools will help give students and community painters confidence in their brushstrokes; they will help to keep our lines straight and our washes true.  Sometimes the little things, like a clean soft brush, can remind us of how beautiful this work can be. 

Thank you Jason and Artist and Craftsman Supply!  Your brushes will be put to good use. 

-Amy Zaremba, DAMA artist.